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Tower of Port Hope Retirement Residence is a cozy retirement home offering Independent and Assisted Living, located in the beautiful heritage town of Port Hope, Ontario. We are known for our outstanding care, our friendly, attentive staff and great food. If you want your mom or dad to live in a home that truly has their best interests at heart and will be well taken care of, then the Tower of Port Hope is the place for you.

Our retirement home is not a facility. In fact, the look and feel is designed to promote independence and a sense of being. Residents can choose from a variety of studio suites or one-bedroom apartments and live with privacy and security from our 24-hour staffing and emergency nurse call system. 

As you explore our website, you will notice that we offer an abundance of care and services designed for most seniors to live and remain healthy and happy. This will include daily PSW services, help with medications, nutritious meals served to you in our dining room, housekeeping and laundry - just to name some of our services! 

We've been in business for more than 30 years and have earned a reputation of being a friendly, caring environment. It is a true testament when our regional healthcare offices choose us as a place for their parents to live! 

And we provide all of this at the lowest rates in the entire region! 

Learn more about us and why we are a great place to live. Tours are available anytime. 

You will receive exceptional care.

This is what we are known for. 

Led by our RPN nurses that have years of experience and backed by PSW and UCP support workers that are trained for senior care, our "care team" is there 24 hours a day.

A Plan of Care is designed for each resident right from the onset which will describe in detail the provisions of care and services and assisted living provided. This plan of care is updated on a regular basis and reviewed with family as agreed upon. You have the option of being treated by our weekly in-house doctor. 

We understand that your mom or dad will need the services - now or some time in the future - but the magic is in delivering it to them in such a way that they feel in control, independent and dignified. Attention to these details and doing it in a friendly way. That's what we promise for your mom or dad. 


Experience the warmth of the Tower of Port Hope Retirement Residence for yourself!

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We are located in the pretty, quaint town of Port Hope of the Northumberland region. We are just east of Oshawa or Bowmanville and next door to Cobourg Ontario - less than an hour's drive from Toronto.

As soon as you walk through our front doors, you feel an easy, calming home-like environment. You quickly get the sense of a well-kept apartment building for seniors, by design to promote a sense of Independence. Nestled within are some wonderful amenity features such as our Cafe Bistro, Recreation Activity Lounge and Piano Room to name a few. Although our retirement home does not have many high-end bells and whistles, our reputation is one of a cozy home with warm and caring staff seems to be what our residents want. 

We are the best value for miles!

This is a fact. If you call around anywhere in the region of Northumberland from Cobourg to Peterborough or Bowmanville to Oshawa, you will quickly discover that the Tower of Port Hope retirement residence provides an extensive amount of care and services at an all-in-one low monthly rate. Peterborough retirement homes and Bowmanville retirement homes simply do not compete with our package and rate.

Operating as a Seniors Residence for more than 30 years, produces knowledge and expertise and a long-standing reputation for our friendly, kind and caring staff - who truly provide a high level of warmth and daily nourishment of engagement and interaction. At our retirement home it is a part of each employee's job description to partake in the daily interaction with each resident in order to encourage and enhance their engagement and social well-being. "One-on one time" is an important and serious aspect to the overall well-being of human beings.

Amazing food with nourishment for body and soul


Can you believe that according to research reports and statistics Canada nearly all retirement residences in Ontario prepare food for their residents by way of meals from a can and or powder mix? This is accepted and normal practice. Truly incomprehensible!

At the Tower of Port Hope retirement residence we prepare and provide made-from-scratch soups on a daily basis and all meals with natural, fresh procured ingredients. Often residents and their families state that our best quality is our food, meals and dietary service! A true compliment to our Cook and Dietary team!

Reassurance and Safety 24 hours a day


Although the minimum required by retirement residence in Ontario is a basic form of nurse call bell system, we have chosen to procure one of the most intelligent and sophisticated systems available. Residents receive a pendant or wristband call bell alert to be used in the event that they require services from our staff or in the unfortunate event of an emergency. We do not believe that a resident in most emergency situations such as an unexpected fall would have the ability or wherewithal to reach for a call bell -  which is hung on a wall - four feet from the floor, when a resident may be laying and unable to reach for it. 

Care Team support provides exceptional response


Ask any local or Regional Hospital and they will attest to the fact that we provide an outstanding level of care from a nursing and personal support perspective. In fact, we've made a good habit of hiring retired nurses from hospitals combined with new graduate PSW personal support workers. Local hospitals such as Cobourg's Northumberland Hills Hospital, Bownmanville's Lakeridge Health, Oshawa's Lakeridge Health and Peterborough Ross Memorial Hospital all know and work with us well. They understand our retirement residence, how we operate and our exceptional care personnel and systems. 

Assistance with Daily Living Supports 

Although many of our long-standing residents are quite independent, some residents do require the assistance of our support team for physical or cognitive means. Many residents have made the Tower of Port Hope retirement residence their permanent home and have chosen to stay with us even as they age and decline in health. In almost all cases, we are able to support that level of required assistance for many years to come. This provides reassurance to the resident and their families that as they age or their physical or cognitive health declines, they can remain in place, in the comfort of their home right in our own community. There would be no rush out the door to a nursing, long-term care facility. In fact, we do everything possible to ensure the comfort and care is provided right here before that discussion takes place.

Assessment and a Plan of Care


Although we are licensed as a retirement home in Ontario, we are one of a few homes in the Cobourg, Bowmanville, Peterborough and Port Hope area licensed to provide a higher level of Assisted Living. The starting point is a more formal assessment - which then becomes a plan of care - which will include all of the particular health constraints and interventions required for each resident. This is a custom made, curated plan for each resident and reviewed by supporting partners and family members. It is a dynamic and ever-evolving process and documented plan aimed at providing the highest level of care and supporting services for each resident.

Life Enrichment Programs

Daily physical and mental stimulation is so important as we age. 

See some of our recent Activities and Social and more images, click here!  

We're located in beautiful, heritage town of Port Hope, about 200 meters (5-minute walk) from lake Ontario and stores and coffee shops. Located in Southern Ontario 95 kilometres east of Toronto and 49 kilometres east of Oshawa, 58 km from Whitby, ON. It is a designated town of Northumberland County. We are conveniently located near Cobourg, ON, and we service areas and seniors from Peterborough ON, Cobourg, ON, Oshawa, On, Bowmanville, ON as well as Whitby. Although we accept referrals and residents from any location!

Experience the warmth of
the Tower of Port Hope
Retirement Residence for yourself!


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