Care and Services

with a Friendly Smile

At the Tower of Port Hope we offer an all-inclusive package in our

base rate which includes: 


  • Friendly, professionally trained staff available 24 hours a day

  • 3 meals daily plus all day snacks, juice & hot beverages

  • Care team that includes 3 RPN and PSW team, 24h hours a day

  • Activities, events, entertainment and much more

  • Meal trays delivered to your suite when ill

  • Exercise and physio programs

  • Regular fun outings using  our own van shuttle service

  • Emergency response system that will locate residents throughout the building and grounds

  • Fully maintained suites with individual heat/air conditioning control

  • Medication administration

  • Weekly housekeeping

  • Weekly bath assistance

  • Weekly laundering of towels, linens and personal items

  • Private third floor family lounge

  • Complimentary laundry facilities

  • Physician available

  • On-site management

There’s so much to enjoy at the Tower of Port Hope Retirement Residence, your best choice for gracious retirement living by the water!


Our all-inclusive package is the perfect option for the person who wants to enjoy their freedom, unencumbered by the chores associated with home ownership and who may need some assistance with daily activities or just wants to be served! 

Exceptional Care from our dedicated Nursing Staff

We believe in providing exceptional care. All our base rental rates include the care and attention by our RPN nurses and PSW Personal Support Worker team, 24 hours a day!


We provide additional care and support to supplement existing accommodation packages and the flexibility to personalize those services to individual needs, increasing or decreasing as needs change.


We’re committed to helping our residents enjoy life with the comfort, dignity and peace of mind they deserve. 


Learn more about our CARE SERVICES here


We also work in partnership with individual care practitioners with the common goal of helping residents manage their health needs and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Assisted Living Services

At the Tower of Port Hope Retirement Residence, our definition of Care and Services includes assisted living. The term Assisted Living is often confused with its use as a facility, as in assisted living facility nursing home. Assisted living can be a part of a continuum of care in a long term care facility or continuing care retirement community. Assisted living facilities will include services that provides a combination of housing, personal care services, and health care designed to respond to individuals who need assistance with normal daily activities but still reflect and respect the independence and dignity of the resident.


By way of proper definition, assisted living it is function, or service provided to assist one with the tasks of daily living.


The basic assistance with daily living of “ADLs” most often are widely defined as:


The inability to bathe or shower oneself. This is from a mobility standpoint, not a cognitive.


The inability of personal hygiene and grooming (including brushing/combing/styling hair), from a lack of mobility standpoint.


The declined or lack of ability to dress oneself. When one gets up in the morning, to change oneself from pajamas to daily clothing, as one example. This is from a mobility standpoint, not a cognitive.


The inability of toilet hygiene; reduced or inability to get to the toilet, to clean oneself, and to get back up off the toilet.


Reduced functional mobility, often referred to as "transferring", as measured by the ability to walk, get in and out of bed, and get into and out of a chair; the broader definition (moving from one place to another while performing activities) is useful for people with different physical abilities who are still able to get around independently.


The inability to feed oneself (this does not include the preparation of a meal, cooking or chewing and swallowing but simply the act of eating).


Summary list of assisted living activities:


Assistance with Bathing and Grooming.

Assistance with Dressing and Undressing.

Meal Preparation and Assistance with Feeding.

Assistance or complete Functional Transfers.

Assistance with toileting and Safe Restroom Use and Maintaining Continence.

Assistance with Ambulation.


Not all Retirement Homes or Retirement Residences or Communities are classified or have the ability, by way of their staffing and license, to provide the assisted living services of a facility. The Tower of Port Hope is licensed and able to provide a number of care services. Extra fees may apply, please inquire for an assessment.

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The Tower of Port Hope is a licensed Retirement Home and Assisted Living Facility