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Senior Homes and Retirement Residence Toronto

The terms retirement home, retirement residences, retirement communities, seniors home, seniors residences, nursing homes, assisted living facility and long-term care homes are amongst the most confusing terms we have when it comes to looking at options for housing and services for our seniors.

In Ontario, our government has deemed that in order to operate a seniors home with any level of care services you must be licensed. It is always recommended to check out the government's website related to a retirement home that you are potentially looking at moving into to ensure that the license is active and that there are no negative non-compliance reports. In fact you will find this website to be quite informative. It is

Regardless of the geographical location of the retirement home, because of government regulation all retirement homes will have the same level standard. However, a retirement home must apply for and receive license for the administration of any particular service or care requirements.

Often, seniors homes may have very little service if any at all and would operate very independently much like a seniors apartments. In contrast, some seniors homes or retirement residences operate much more closely to that of a long-term care facility and offer extensive care and services to assist our most frail seniors.

When it comes to cost or price and availability, this will vary greatly across the province of Ontario for a retirement home. If we begin our search using a central point such as Toronto, Ontario, retirement home Toronto will be the most expensive across the province.

According to CMHC Senior Housing Report 2019, Toronto retirement home prices average almost $4,000 for a private Studio and well over $5,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. These are monthly rates. 

The range of prices in and retirement residence, including a Toronto retirement home will vary quite a bit based on three important factors.

First, the location within the greater Toronto area. There are more upscale neighborhoods and these retirement home would be priced much higher than those located in a less than average neighborhood across the greater Toronto area.

The second most important factor would be the quality and finishes of the, unit, the building, the amenities and the grounds of the senior home. Some retirement residence operators provide for very high end quality finishes and others are much lower grade, with a no-frills approach, finishes that might resemble something closer to student housing and not what you would expect as a senior home.

The third important factor that will greatly affect the price of senior housing is the level of services and care provided. The more independent the senior, the lower the cost. The greater the amount of care and services required the greater the cost will be. In fact, one could pay nearly twice the price for a Toronto retirement home residence that would require assistance with daily living support throughout the day. The total cost of this level of care and service could be in excess of $8,000 per month.

When we look across the province however as we start to move away from the Toronto core we really begin to see a drastic change in the price points for senior homes.

Going east from Toronto, as we approach Whitby, ON. things start to change. Whitby retirement home prices are approximately 20% less than those similar offerings compared to Toronto. Although only about 40 kms east of Toronto, Whitby retirement home prices begin at approximately $3,500 for a private Studio. Whitby retirement home offer a range of quality of building an amenity space as well as care and other services.

As we look further east from Whitby Ontario, we approach Oshawa Ontario. Retirement home Oshawa prices are even further reduced on average than those located in Whitby. Retirement home Oshawa prices begin at approximately $3,300 per month on average for a private Studio. Retirement home Oshawa prices for a one-bedroom apartment, with approximately 500 square feet of living space, ample for two people, is priced on average at $4,900 per month. These prices include minimal care and services, normally only include services such as meal preparation and dining service, housekeeping and some laundry services.

As we approach Bowmanville Ontario retirement home Bowmanville prices for semi-private, private studio and one-bedroom apartments are further reduced. There are a wide range of semi-private rooms to share in Bowmanville. Generally, this would include two or more persons sharing either a one-bedroom apartment or a large studio. Often these shared rooms are Separated only by a curtain or a non-permanent wall partition.  Although  Bowmanville retirement home semi-private  availability  and price point is excellent, this is not suitable for those seeking a higher degree of privacy.

Travelling even further east, as we approach about 100 km east of Toronto Ontario, about a one-hour drive, we enter the towns of Port Hope and Cobourg Ontario. Retirement residences located in Port Hope Ontario and Cobourg retirement home are priced substantially lower on average than those located in Toronto and the locations mentioned above.

Although the average price for a Cobourg retirement home private Studio is approximately $2,800 per month, the range of prices in both Port Hope and Cobourg are quite dramatic. For example, there are Cobourg retirement home private Studios priced at less than $2,000 per month. This is less than half the cost, on average, than a Toronto-based studio. Keep in mind that at this price point the quality of the building, the amenity and the room itself would be average or slightly below average. Cobourg retirement home offerings are wide in range and there are some much more luxurious rental apartments available. In fact, a Cobourg retirement home one-bedroom apartment with higher-end finishes is priced over $5,000 per month, comparable to Toronto prices. 

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