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Amenities to meet all your needs

Whether one wants to live fully independantly, engage in our "community" or perhaps simply finds it more difficulty keeping up with everyday activities such as running errands preparing meals, managing their medications, and personal hygiene a retirement home like ours with assisted living supports might be the best solution. 

Common Areas

We understand that Seniors have individual hobbies and interests, and a common space in which they can participate in these activities is highly sought after. As an example, our arts and crafts room is frequently used – as well as a game room or a mockup woodshop.

We mostly gather daily - once or twice - in our larger Recreation room for daily activities and encourage all residents to join in as they wish. 

Provided Social and Recreational Activities

It is important to keep residents in a senior living community as engaged and active as possible. Social and recreational activities keep senior’s bodies and minds active. Popular activities may include social events, fitness programs, spiritual or religious programs, professional entertainment. We provide a number of great options, all listed in our monthly newsletter and calendar. 

Pet Friendly Options

Research shows that keeping a pet is beneficial for your health – helping a resident feel more relaxed and connected. While some of our residents do have a pet - usually a cat or small dog - our furry friends are allowed to partake only on set dates and times with the entire Home. For those who opt to have live-in pets for the residents to engage with and help care for, a plan of taking care of the pet is a must. Pets are welcome! 

Beauty Salon, hand and Foorcare, Manicures and Pedicures

We have on-site beauty salon services to help residents feel great without having to travel off-site. We often offer hair shampooing, colouring, cuts, and manicures or pedicures to help lift their spirits.

We also offer hand and foot care services, manicures and pedciures. 

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